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Feeling lost. [19 Jan 2008|12:24am]
Should I stop being nice?

>But why?
Me: well it hurts.
>Why does it hurt so much?
Me: because i've been taken advantage of by so many ppl. (i've made ppl misunderstood by it and ran away without an explanation and now feel guilty (this applies to boys).
>You shouldn't stop, maybe that's who you are. Appreciate that.
Me: Yeah, maybe.

You tell me. Should I?
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Comic Fiesta 2007 [07 Dec 2007|11:14pm]

Hey Guys!

Comic Fiesta is coming and I'll be cosplaying! Who wanna come ar?

Let me know kay! :3
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It was a long long time ago.. [11 Nov 2007|12:36am]
since i wrote my previous entry!!

sheesh, been long since I wrote in here. o.o

my costume is 80% done! look a bit weird though. xD i think that's the first feeling of cosplay. =s

counted the total amount of my whole thing. It's around rm680.

I am B R O K E!

seriously. no money left in my pocket. starving like sick.

someone belanja me! >.< (ignore that just feel like saying it xD )

will put up the pic once i get my jacket on wednesday! <3

oh ya, who's going for CF this year?
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Oh noooooooooooooooooooo!! [13 Apr 2007|11:08pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Lol, it's been long since the last time i updated o.O anyways, my sis decided to go to a private school since my father can afford it now @.@ so, this morning we went to Sekolah Menengah Sri KDU which is just next to the new Segi College in Kota Damansara (I think). That school is amazing. It looks exactly like a college. Music rooms, air conditioned rooms......... and etc. xD The floors are also ultra clean, shiny and all o.o Dad said that the teachers are real good and the exams passing and getting straight a's are also really high. o.o and... @.@ my father knows the person who kinda owns Sri KDU. o.o anyways, we met Melissa Campbell (erm.. the girl who acted in Anna & the King.. the King's favourite daughter). She's really nice and she actually gave us a tour around the school. But the thing I'm most afraid of is that my sis will morph into a lan ci, snobbish, spoilt and all the "rich people" attitute they would have. I hope she doesn't turn out this way. @.@ Then I'll be like "God? Save my sister!" instead of God? Save our king. xD anyways toodles for now. I'll try to update more often, Fie! <3

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I'm in Cameron Highlands now till Friday!! [14 Mar 2007|10:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Lol.. just wanna say that I'm in cameron highlands now.. so erm.. i'll be getting you all souveniers (swt i think i forgot how to spell that). So!! hopefully i'll arrange a outing this saturday then you guys can get your present! I'm sorry Yi Shiean for all the outings that I tried to arrange didn't work out. Anyway.. i won't tell you what i'll be getting you because that will only spoil the fun! xD anyway.. gtg if my dad catches me using the comp now.. he might kill me. xD

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Things that happened when I wasn’t online! (I still don’t have line) [07 Sep 2006|06:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus
Ah… this game. I love it. It’s a one hand man shooter game. Vincent is the main character! Ah... if there was any final fantasy guy that I would get to marry… I would marry him. He’s so romantic and sweet. Perfect model for a husband... I think. The story starts three years after the meteor fall meaning one year after ff7ac. Suddenly some attackers from Deepground (one of the most powerful organization in Midgar). And guess who’s the bad guy…? It’s Hojo! Erm… one of the weird scientist from Shinra Company. He was out to make Omega (erm… some thing that purifies the world by destroying everything) Anyway... Vincent went to go looking for him since he’s the only one who can defeat Omega. Really nice actually… you get to see his story... his past and his love for Lucrecia Cresent (Sephiroth’s REAL mom... yes... it’s not Jenova). Something like that… And the secret ending has Gackt in it! *squeals* erm… I think this “Gackt” villain thing… he might be stronger than Sephiroth O.O Anyway... don’t wanna say more in case I spoil it to you guys. So, finish it so that I can talk about it to you!!

New House
My new house… I love it very much. It’s been very LONG since I lived in a house on the ground! Hehe... Anyway... My garden doesn’t have much plants cause the plants my dad bought is expensive. We have bamboos, yam plant, and err… some tall plant (I don’t know the name xD). And of course we have grass… Dad said it’s Philippine grass lol.. kinda thin like Japanese grass I think. Then we have a small little hut thingy beside the house and also at the back. Mom said it’s the breakfast area. We’re suppose to sit there when we’re having breakfast. Then when you go in the house, you can see a set of leather couch. Love it very much, it’s very comfortable. Dad sits there to listen to his “old” Chinese songs. On the left you have the piano and the telephone area. Next to the piano is the dining table.. Erm.. it’s a eight seater table that looks like the most expensive table from The Sims. And on the wall there is four paintings from China representing Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Further up there is the store room and opposite it is the guest room. So if any of you wanna sleep over, you can sleep there or in my room! Then after that there is the small dining room where we normally eat there for dinner. Turning right is the kitchen and my maid’s toilet and bedroom. When you go upstairs, there is the tv living room where we either watch tv or play ps2. On the right is my parents bedroom.. My parent’s bedroom is big since it’s combine with the study room. When you go in, the first thing you notice is their bed. It is humongous! Mom said it’s a Super King size bed. xD Then the bathroom has two sinks, one toilet, and a shower area. Their room theme is brown. Going out of the room, if you proceed straight, you’ll see two rooms. The right one is my sisters. Her room is best described as the princess room. The bed looks like a modernized olden day princess bed with matching dressing table and two side tables. Her room theme is turquoise. Her blinds, blanket, and even her night dress is turquoise. And her bed is the super single size. Then to my room, first you’ll see my cupboard, it’s oak. Then you’ll see my study table and book shelf decorated with my Vincent and Sephiroth dolls hehe.. Then you’ll see my bed. It’s also a super king size bed. Crazy parents xD anyway.. the bed sheet is like an English set (it has pretty roses on it xD). I love it very much. Later on, mom wants to by me a carpet or something like that and bed sofa. My sister and my toilet is the same. We have the same bathroom rug but different colours. Mine is beige and my sisters is blue. Then the bathing area there’s a transparent glass to separate. Haha that’s all..

My birthday… Hmm… Nothing much happen really. I planned to go out with Elaine but she was busy (it’s all right Elaine! I’m not angry <3) At night we went to one of my favourite restaurants. We had my favourite soya sauce prawns *saliva comes out* Whoa, my aunties and parents kept calling me matured girl. Not like there’s anything wrong with it though but I feel kinda odd. I can go to pubs and all O.o Nah, I the only time I go to the pub is with my parents. xD Only had shandy, beer is to strong for me. Not wine though.. it doesn’t taste as bad as beer. xD Disco… haha! I will only go if you guys go. The more the merrier, right? Oh, and the people who wished me first.. yuffie-kins, sister, dea-chan, cousin bro (Markus), cousin sister (Joanne), online uncle.. and I don’t remember xD the last person who wished me was Michael (which was on the 11th I think). Haha, surprising right? Anyway, I’m happy anyway. Don’t wanna complain much =D

College (new semester and the English assignment)
Hmm.. College is good lol but I would like to admit that the management is very poor (I’m too lazy to explain). For this semester I took Human Resource Management, Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Business, Academic English for Business II, and Moral Studies. All the classes are fine except HRM though. The lecturer is like a school teacher! She treats the as if we’re some babies. Her temper rises very fast ( I think it’s because of her pregnancy). When we laugh in class.. she said it’s wrong to laugh! What kind of person says that kind of thing? O.o But somehow many people would like to answer her questions in class. For moral studies, we have to do a portfolio about Raping and Murder. Haha, quite an interesting topic. My college friend invited the guy she liked in our group. He was very nice handwriting O.o like a girl! Anyway, his hair is like Dragon Ball’s hair xD Then for our Introduction to Business, my group consist of 6 girls and 2 guys. Poor guys but they’re cute (as in adorable)! They’re outgoing and fun to be with. They make jokes that aren’t insulting. They’re very easy to talk to. Their names are Carlos and Barry (both Chinese) we call Carlos… well Carlos and we call Barry, bunny! He doesn’t mind though, he thinks it’s cute. Oh and the English assignment, we’re suppose to do a presentation on our talents. I picked playing games (as in ps2) cause no one is actually doing that (wanted to do piano but my friend is doing it). Haha, kinda fun except we have to present it to all of our class mates @.@ Malu nye!! xD So, I recorded me fighting against Sephiroth, Xemnas, and etc.. Fun~ <3

(Oh! and we call our Moral Studies lecturer Potato Man) xD

Digital Perm Hair
Hehe, yeah I permed my hair. My parents like it very much. Dad said that I looked even more matured with curly hair and he’s willing to pay rm200 every two months for me to do it. My cousin brother (Markus) said I look more childish O.o Haha, I think I look better though. Oh! I forgot to mention that Barry is a hair expert. He sat behind me and started touching my hair. I turned around and gave him a puzzled look and he said “I like your hair!” *he pat my head* Aww~! Then he looked at my friend beside me and touched her hair. “Hey! You don’t put conditioner! Must put!!” he stood up looking at her. “See! Your hair look like straw!!” Poor friend but he means good anyway.

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I took this thing sarah took O.o [12 Jul 2006|11:40pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Do you have a chance with Gackt? by raye kam-emerald
Full Name
Favorite Color
How will you meet him?at a mall
When will you meet him?December 7, 2006
What will he give you?an engagement ring
What will you give him?your virginity
What: 86%
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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This Is Just For Fun [22 Jun 2006|10:16am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey guys!! I got bored lol so.. This is just for fun lol.. Just complete the sentence in your own words ;)

My Ideal Guy would be........

I'll let you know mine too. xD

P/S: I miss dede, rairai and yupeeyuffie. xD xD

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KDU Anime Cosplay Omatsuri [08 Jun 2006|04:36pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hey guys!! Just wanna let you know that KDU is having an anime cosplay this Saturday the 10th of June.

Venue: KDU College at the 3rd Floor
From: 11a.m-7.pm
And is open to public!! (meaning it's free!)

What to expect from the event is..

Variety of booths selling merchandise, competitions, performances and of course COSPLAYERS.

And I'll be there at 10.45a.m so that I can get the nice stuff early xD

So, if you wanna come or need more info on it.. Just post a comment.

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Dreams again O.o and stuff xD [30 May 2006|08:27pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Today I dreamt that I was Yuna. O.o Anyway.. I was on this journey to look for Tidus. xD Somehow I found out that he was at the recked sunken ship in some place rofl (I think it's an aftermath of me watching Poseidon). Anyway.. it involved swimming that doesn't requires breathing. Lol, it's almost same like the game isn't it. xD Then I had to pass these undead scientist along the way. Killed most of them hehe.. then after exploring the ship.. I found this capsule that can fit a human body in it thing. I opened it and there Tidus was! He was sleeping. Awwww, so I called out his name. "Tidus? Is that really you?" then we woke up and said "Yuna!!". Then the dream changed to something else. T.T So much for hoping something nice to happen. xD Anyway.. then I was at this big house (I'm still Yuna) and i found out that this gangster guy murdered someone very important. The gangster guy found out and wanted me murdered then I ran for my life.. to my God- grandparents house which also ARE gangsters. LOL!! Anyway.. I ran there and my god-grandfather said.. "What happened sweetheart?". I told him what happened. He told me to hide inside the house with my god-grandmother. So, I went in and told my god-grandmother what happen. She immediately call for her.. erm.. ah! henchmen to protect and fond me somewhere safe to go. Then i said, "What about you and grandpa?". She said "Don't worry, we'll be fine dear". Then she kissed my forehead and I left. Awwwwwww!! I wish I had REAL grandparents like that xD Then on my way to the airport, I saw my god-granduncle racing to my god-grandparents house as well. Omg, he was going to go protect me too! *cries* They're so sweet! <3 Anyway, I reached the airport and I had to wear a policeman uniform. Then the dream ended there xD

I went to KLCC and still was mad at my sister. We went to the Isetan's supermarket. It had stalls selling korean food rofl. So, my sister.. took a wasabi seaweed and stuffed it into my mouth. I didn't know it was wasabi. When the seaweed came in my mouth, it felt like two knives poking my tongue. Eventually I swallowed it lol. Then I looked at my sister (my father was there)(I gave an empty expression) and I said.. "Nice. You go try". My sister believed me! She said "Nice ah. O.o". Then she took a piece and tried it. I started laughing. She had tears in her eyes. Served her right for putting it in my mouth without knowing what it was. LOL!! I started laughing my heart out. My father noticed it and gave me a high five "Wah!! Yvonne's so smart ah you!!". He laughed also. And the whole day we were high five-ing. LOL!!

Oh.. and this year's Car Expo was boring. There weren't any cars that make you go WOW!! Last years car show was way better. Lol, Dad said he wanted to buy me a black mazda car. It looked sporty in my opinion. But I hope my dad is serious though. Then I'll have my own car and I don't need to depend on my USELESS grandfather to take me anywhere. xD

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Sisters [27 May 2006|10:47am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

well some people have sisters~ they can be good or bad ones too. Mine.. i dunno whether to consider her as good or not. let ne list down the good and bad things she have done to me.

Good things
1. err.. i'm not sure la xD

2. Well, she's fun to be with when she's in a good mood.

3. I seriously cannot resist any cute faces she gives me.

Bad things
1. She doesn't hug me or hold my hand cause she couldn't stand them. (but why would that matter? she's my sister isn't it? I'm born like that, so get used to them already! even my dad said there's nothing wrong with my hands and he likes to hold them)

2. Unlike me, she doesn't wait for me. When I d/l animes, she watches them first but i would wait for her until she's free then only I'll watch it with her. That goes the same for meals.. I would wait for her to come back or free to eat, but she wouldn't do the same for me.

3. I love to treat my sister most of the times.. and also.. she wouldn't do the same for me. Even in sharing food, she's too greedy to share it.

4. She always teases me and blames me for what I have not done. Like there's one day.. she accused me for changing the internet line.. but i checked it for her.. it turns out that she didn't wait for it to dial in. =.= Not only that.. the speaker is connected to the same plug with my comp, she complained that I spoiled it. So, i checked it again and found out the plug was loose. =.= Some sister i got. Then i said, who's fault is it that didn't check the plug? She said.. "yours la, why would it be mine?"

5. She never admits the wrong stuff she has done. Like if you proved her wrong.. which clearly very obvious that she is wrong (she knows that too) she'll never admit defeat. She'll give lots of reason and say I'm stupid.

6. She never respects or listen to me. I tell her something good and she never learns it. She'll say it would be nonsense or something. If I wanna talk to her about things. She even wouldn't listen to me. She'll say "yeah yeah whatever, why would I want to know that?". But Whenever she tells me something, I would listen to her.

7. She always make me worry by not talking care of her health. Like when she's sick, she refuses to take the medicine I told her to cause it's too bitter. I mean come on.. SHE'S FIFTHEEN! And when she studies too much, I tell her to take break or do something for a while cause she looked so stressed but she wouldn't even bother about it.

8. She likes to hit me when she's doesn't like something or in a bad mood. She doesn't care where she hits either. She slaps my face, my hands, wherever.. but not my important parts of course. She pulls my hair. =.= And the slaps usually leave very red marks.

9. She threatens me. Like somethings I would like to keep it cofidential.. she would blackmail me to do something she wants, if not she'll tell my parents.

10. She doesn't care about other people's feeling except hers.

11. She uses my stuff without asking. And when i do that to her.. she gets mad. Then I say to her. Hah, padan muka for doing that for me. Then she says.. So? I wan I take la! I dun wan to borrow your things anymore and you cannot borrow mine! She never learns cause.. when she does that to me.. It's exactly how I feel.

12. Things that are mine, that I do not use as well.. She takes them and says it's hers. I try to take it back but I always lose. (mom's the judge.. I mean she's the youngest.. it doesn't mean she can step over me! and my mom needs to be fair too)

13. Can't think of any anymore lol. Makes me sick thinking of it.

But anyhow.. I still love her the way she is. Or else she wouldn't be MY sister. I wish that she'll learn how to appreciate. I dunno how but she gotta learn it. I just wanna let her know that I'll always love her no matter what happens. And I hope you feel the same way too.

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Weird Dreams Are The Best!! [10 May 2006|11:12am]
[ mood | excited ]

Okay, I just wanted to talk about my dreams I'm having recently. I'm so excited and thrilled. <3

May 7 (Morning)
I dreamt that I was scolding George Bush because he wanted to bomb Japan for making Neucleur (did i spell that right? xD) Bombs. When I was scolding him, I remembered how scared I was. I was standing next to him shaking and having a little teary eyes but no matter!! I get to scold George Bush! Not that i hate him or anything but i soclded him! Not only that i had the Prime Minister of Japan and Korea was supportting me! NOT ONLY THAT BUT WHOLE OF ASIA SUPPORTED ME. Hopefully Osama doesn't support me lol that'll be scary. xD And.. I got up. xD So, i didn't know what is the result of me scolding him. xD Ah well.. it was a crazy dream!!

May 7 (Afternoon Nap)
Then i slept and dreamt I am Riku (Kingdom Hearts 2) with Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2). It was also a very weird and crazy dream. I dreamt that Ahmad Badawi (Malaysian Prime Minister) was after us because we did something wrong and I have no idea what lol. xD Anyway, did you realize that I having dreams about Presidents and Prime Minister? O.O Then we were on the run. Sora disguised himself as a waiter in restaurant. I ran to a town which supported me lol. They hid me somewhere and i found this serpant that looked like a plant. I told him what happened and he said it wasn't fair. So he told me he'll go kill Ahmad Badawi. LOL!! Again, i really don't have anything against him. Seriously. So then.. somehow the dream shifted and I was in a cell with Riku. But the weirdest thing is the cell looked like a very white castle like Kingdom Hearts 2. Then I had two keyblades. With that, Riku and I escaped the castle. Omg, Riku was actually saving me!! I was really happy! When we were running we were chased by these women who were very.. how to say convincing. One of them actually hypnothise me and Riku touched my hand and i came back to my sense. <3 !! Yeah that's all. Have no idea what happen after that cause my sister woke me up. =( I woke up and realized how much I liked Riku and Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2).

May 8 (Morning)
I dunno how this happen but I was MARRIED to GACKT!! OMG, YOU CAN'T IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM!! Anyway.. we were in this ship which was like a Star Wars ship only more luxurious. xD Anyway.. something happened and I was sulking. xD (Better word to use 'merajuk-ing' xD xD Anyway.. I was sitting next to him obiviously cause I am his wife. But what's nice is.. I know that he really LOVED me! O.O Anyway.. then he said "Come here". I shook my head and said "What for?". Then he said "Just come here" and the next thing I knew was.. I was in his arms and HE KISSED ME!! OMG!! *squeals* He's such a good kisser. xD I've never kissed before but I can tell it's really good. xD I can actually remember how fast my heartbeat was. Even now, typing this makes it beat faster and also hearing his songs!! OMG!! Then then.. he started kissing my ears O.o I was so happy and touched since I was sulking.. I hugged him with all my heart. Ah well.. xD xD Then somehow Imhotep (Villian ofThe Mummy Returns) dude, captured me and Gackt saying he'll come for me and kill 'the bastard' that's what he said. xD Anyway.. then we were in this hotel room guarded by guards and the next thing i knew was.. Wolverine (X-Men) was my room mate. Meaning he's been kidnapped too. Don't know how that happen. Then we were discussing tactics to get out of the hotel so that i don't need to risk Gackt's life saving me. <3 Yeah that's all, don't know what happened next cause MY SISTER WOKE ME UP AGAIN?!?!?

Anyway.. Yeah that's all i wanna say about my dreams. I think i loved the Gackt dream best. I've never had such a dream! And it's the first 'I got kissed' dream i ever had!! OMG!! Happiness *fans herself*

Hopefully I have more dreams like this.

And the conclusion of this is.. Weird people have weird dreams. LIKE ME!! xD

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